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Jewellery Making Courses

Have a keen interest in Jewellery and how it’s made? Jewellery Making courses will allow you to explore simple to complex jewellery manufacturing techniques and principles with a view to creating pieces of jewellery. Through exercises and projects, you will be taught sawing, piercing, filing, soldering, bending, sanding, polishing and stone setting.

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Career options and possible career trajectory

LayersCustom / Special Order Jeweller
LayersArtist Jeweller
LayersFashion Jeweller
LayersRepair Person

Recommended Competencies

  • Comprehension of procedures for checking and maintaining specialist individual tools and shared workshop tools and machine
  • Safe operation and maintenance of shared workshop machines and individual tool
  • Comprehension of procedures for the secure storage of jewellery and material
  • Comprehension of the risks attached to the use of natural and propane gas, oxygen, electricity, acid, and chemical product
  • Ability to provide expert advice and guidance on jewellery manufacturing techniques for a specific design proposal

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