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Alice Ashwell PhD runs ‘Heart of Nature’, a coaching practice that supports people to find direction, create solutions, respond more effectively to stress, and connect with Nature.; They say that we teach what we most need to learn. Having experienced ‘compassion fatigue’ in the environmental sector, I am passionate about supporting people who feel burned out from worry, over-care, and loss of hope. My vision is that those who care deeply will in turn be deeply heard, honoured, and equipped to care for themselves, so that they can continue their journey with renewed resilience.; My other passion is spending time listening to and supporting young people – whether it’s coaching sessions where we enjoy ‘chill-time’ in Nature, or helping students to overcome exam anxiety using simple stress-management techniques.; Individual coaching sessions are offered at my office in Marina da Gama (Cape Town), in gardens and natural areas, and by telephone or Skype.; I also design and facilitate a range of individual and small group processes in Nature, including Nature connection experiences, solution walks in Nature, and gentle team building processes.; Workshop facilitation is something I particularly enjoy, and I can custom-design a process to suit your particular needs. Whether you want to address a challenge, get inspired, generate ideas, or plan a way forward, a workshop is a safe space in which to receive and conjure with the wisdom and experience of the group.; My love of Nature, and my personal and career journeys have led me to create the coaching practice, Heart of Nature. In this practice I integrate three approaches:; Nature has always felt like home to me, a place where I can play, retreat, restore, rejoice. During my PhD studies, I investigated how teenagers in Cape Town felt about Nature. The study confirmed for me that a resonance with the Natural world is part of our experience of being human. I know that Nature heals – so nature experiences form one strand of my work.; My career history includes working as a biochemist and a high school biology teacher. Science fascinates me, in particular the growing congruence between recent scientific discoveries and ancient spiritual teachings. I am intrigued by research conducted by the Institute of HeartMath that explains how changes in heart rate mirror our emotional states. Regular use of HeartMath’s self-management techniques and bio-feedback technology has benefited me enormously. I am a qualified HeartMath Coach, and love to share these simple but powerful practices. This constitutes the second strand of my coaching practice.; For 25 years I worked in the field of environmental education, and have experience of the NGO sector, parastatal institutions, and self-employment. After many issue-focused years in the environmental sector, I experienced burn-out. It was the process of working through what I now recognise as ‘compassion fatigue’ that led me to a career in life coaching.; I felt drawn to Solution-focused Brief Coaching because of its power to shift issue-focused thinking into solution-focused thinking. I love engaging in solution-focused conversations, and seeing the rapid shifts in perception and mood that occur when people realise that positive change is within their reach. Positive, hopeful, solution-focused conversations constitute the third strand of my work.; For more details about these three approaches, please see; I have a Doctorate in Environmental Education, am a licensed HeartMath Coach, and have completed 80 hours of ICF-accredited Solution Focused Brief Coaching training. I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development in coaching, facilitation, and wellness.; I just wanted to send a quick message to say that I am so thankful for the time we spent together yesterday, your wisdom and kindness have been an inspiration to me and I have learned so much through our sessions, which I intend looking at more closely over the next couple of weeks so that I can have a clearer understanding of my vision for the coming year. Thanks again for being so generous with your time and expertise, and for showing such interest in [my business], it has meant a great deal to me. Belinda; Thank you Alice, for a wonderful burying and re-emerging experience [in Nature]. We both enjoyed every moment of it ... We hope that you will be able to awaken in many more people, the lively awareness of nature in all its forms and faces and the wonderful pleasure to be found when surrendering oneself to the peace and process of the natural rhythms which envelope us when we let go. Sally; Thank you for opening the HeartMath doors for me. I enjoyed our first session, it was safe but reflective. I started my day with the 5 second breathing – and it was a good start! Can already see the value of plotting my emotional landscape so that I can recognize supportive and destructive patterns. Kim; Your session was immensely helpful and supportive, having someone to say ‘it is ok ‘ is really what I need right now. Thanks so much for being so giving of your time and for your kind words. Lorraine; Thank you Alice for the most special and beautiful morning yesterday! It was wonderful to be able to share the beauty of the day in such a gorgeous place with you and my team. I was astounded with the insights, the compassion, the wisdom, the honesty, the acknowledgement, acceptance, gentleness and kindness which everyone shared and showed towards one another. … And all of this was made possible by your gentle holding presence, your quiet wisdom, the activities you guided us through, your lightness of being and sense of humour, and your own deep connection with nature which is inspirational and aspirational. Thank you. Helen

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