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Middle level professionals too need constant knowledge infusions to keep at the top of their game. And entry level graduates need to know the techniques to apply theory into effective practice to perform optimally in today’s challenging business environment. Major employers like Edcon, which employ tens of thousands of staff, ensure that every staff member receives at least a week of training every year. Can your organisation afford to do less? BizTech has extensive experience in training. Courses are updated frequently. Feedback forms are analysed and changes implemented if necessary. The company responds directly to requests from corporates and government to design courses that meet new business challenges. Facilitators are drawn from the top ranks of business, academia, the legal fraternity and other specialised areas. Every course is a dynamic presentation of necessary theory, hands-on practical applications and motivation. The day after you or your staff attends a BizTech course there will be a measurable improvement in performance. BizTech is committed to being part of the ongoing growth and success of the South African economy. It recognises that talent is a scarce commodity in every nation of the world and that rapid change in global trends requires consistent awareness, the gathering of information and the implementation of best practice skills building. BizTech and its facilitators know that the best business support staff, administrators and supervisors are profoundly aspirational, and that with ongoing training and awareness of the best new business and information skills they can attain excellence. BizTech has tailored courses to be brief – a two day injection of intensive learning – so that time away from the office is short with considerable positive impact on work performance after.

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3rd avenue, , johannesburg, south africa


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