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1-day Course and 2-day Course for Senior & Middle Managers Corporates; Educational institutions [nationally]; (Self-standing) 1. Soft Skills, Hard Results 2. Successful Managers Communicate Successfully: think, listen, question 3. GROW? Smart goals, action plans 4. The ‘Manager-Coach’: action to reflection 5. Resolving a Dilemma 6. Dilemma Exercise: race/gender/culture bias? 7. Time Management: 20:80 priorities, KPI's, delegation, meetings; (Requires completion of Day 1) 8. You and Your Team: motivation; shared values, shared goals 9. Team Dynamics: Firo-B, NLP, stress/change 10 & 11. Coaching through Change 12. Coaching through Change: debriefing 13. Performance Appraisal: a participatory approach 14. Learning Transfer: ROI, ROE, Kirkpatrick 4-level Evaluation, MBTI Appendix 1: 180° Feedback: The Manager Appendix 2: 360° Feedback: Your Staff; The CEO, or decision-making representative, may approach me for an obligation-free conversation prior to deciding to register delegates for the course.; Cost includes a comprehensive manual, tools for on-going development, a certificate of attendance, refreshments and lunch.; [As role play and team work feature, the course requires a minimum of 6 delegates.]; * The course is held at your preference of venue and location; * Where the location is not on a direct air route from Durban, an additional travelling cost may be involved. (To be negotiated on a course by course basis.)

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