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About Dr Walter Harry Willies

I’ve discovered that where and what you’ve studied isn’t as important as what you’ve learnt and what you can do. My qualifications are BA, BEd, HDE, DAL, D.Litt, RPT, DIHOM and certificates in energy medicine. I studied at UCT, Fort Hare, KU, NAPT and BIH (in South Africa, USA and UK). I’ve worked as associate professor of English, sociology, complementary medicine and arts-medicine. I’m an entrepreneur, a homeopath, a poet and a coach. In the USA, I’m registered as a poetry therapist and in the UK I’m registered as a homeopath, coach and counsellor.; I’ve learnt that simplicity, frankness and kindness solve many problems. I know that most of us don’t apply these to ourselves. Yet it’s easy to do, in respect of oneself and others. I can create a poem, read voluntary and involuntary communication signals, create group spirit, read a body’s energetic health and advise accordingly, make financial decisions and listen intelligently.; I can assist people who want to move along the path of growth, desire better health and want to change their patterns of living.; The rationale of how I operate is to be found in NLP, poetry therapy and theory of systems. My strength is intuitive acuity, my weakness terse succinctness.

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Dr Walter Harry Willies


cape town, western cape, south africa Clanwilliam & Cape Town



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