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What we do
We provide training, mentoring, tutoring and coaching in Project Management and related disciplines to organisations and individuals. Established in 1999, we’ve been refining our training in Project Management for 17 years.

What we stand for
We believe that integrity and integration are interdependent. This means that Project Management training should be designed to lead to better support systems and structures, enabling the individual to make promises with growing confidence, knowing that it’s possible to keep them. The best learning takes place when it’s contextual to your work, and your way of working; when you’re actually doing the work and making the right mistakes.

What we strive for
We dig for underutilised and underestimated potential in individuals and project teams. We look for what really matters in projects, and we work hard to remove the obstacles to learning.

How we do it
Our Project Management training is aligned to producing outcomes that feed into personal and organisational strategies. Recommendations are based on goals and strengths. We guide you towards asking the relevant questions. Outcomes are not stated as earth-shattering overnight changes. Rather, changes take place incrementally: step-ups result from implementation, not from training per se. Training may take the form of a practical rapid-results workshop, Consultative Tutoring in Microsoft Project, online collaborative learning, or customised in-house learning events followed by ongoing support during implementation. We respect the confines of time and money. If Project Management training is to work in an organisation, it must be part of Project Management implementation.

Where is located?


6 La Belle Park, La Belle Road, Stikland, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA Cape Town Western Cape


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