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    Course Overview

    An intensive programme designed specifically for senior managers who are moving into general management. This programme aims to broaden strategic and longterm thinking and build leadership confidence. ​

    The business landscape is changing all the time and what works one day, may not work the next. Companies need to be more innovative, more motivated and quicker to respond than ever before if they want to adapt to present day-to-day challenges while still planning for future success. Whether they succeed or fail at this will depend on the quality of those trusted with leading the business.

    Unique features of the GIBS GMP

    This programme is a personalised journey of discovery and growth. Through lectures, simulations, company visits, an international immersion, coaching and 360 degree assessments, you will challenge preconceived notions, grow in knowledge, experience and confidence and formulate strategies for success, for yourself and your company.

    There are a number of factors that make the GMP unique:

    The pedigree of your peers – As one of South Africa’s leading business schools, GIBS is privileged to attract the top performers from some of the top businesses in the country. Each programme is made up of participants from different industries, who, like you, are driven to learn, grow and succeed.

    World-class faculty – The programme is facilitated by senior GIBS faculty, hand-picked local and international faculty, as well as leading industry practitioners and experts.

    Intensive coaching – The aim of our experienced coaches is to create a relationship of trust where you are encouraged to stretch yourself, question your motivations for decisions made and challenge your choices.

    Teamwork – Although this programme is an intensely personalised growth experience, teamwork and the involvement of your peers is at the centre of its success.

    Participation in a leading business simulation – Participants will learn from a leading business simulation which will assist them in mastering functional skills, thinking more strategically and highlight their strengths and challenges in creating successful teams.

    International business immersion – An important and unique part of the programme includes international travel during which students will experience the dynamic Singaporean and Vi​etnamese economies and compare and contrast them to the South African environment, while learning how to be a general manager in a global context.

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