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Course Overview

The programme consists of five components that collectively facilitate the development of various managerial competencies. Skills and challenges introduced in one component of the programme can be interrogated and tested in others. In this way, delegates are constantly learning and practicing new skills and also challenging their peers to find creative means for solving problems.

The five components of the programme are listed below.

Conversations with Extraordinary South African Businesswomen: Delegates will meet for intimate conversations with extraordinary South African businesswomen. This will provide delegates with the opportunity to ask questions and garner advice from these high achieving women

Small Group Coaching Sessions: Leading Women delegates meet in diverse groups of six women, along with a professional coach, to interrogate further the case study introduced at the previous panel debate. Delegates are encouraged to bring dilemmas drawn from their own work experience before the group for creative problem solving and discuss current issues around gender in the workplace. These small group sessions are for delegates only. The delegates and coaches assigned to each group remain the same throughout the year to encourage trust among the participants. Themes explored in the coaching sessions include:

Impact – How do others receive my leadership style? Do I truly have the impact I believe I have?

Values – What are my core values in life? How do I best carry those out as a leader?

360˚ Evaluation assessment – Based on feedback from those I work with regularly, in what areas should I focus continued development and in what areas have I grown?

Being heard – What matters to me as a leader? How do I best get that message across to the right parties?

Vision – What does it take to formulate, convey and lead a team towards a vision?

Case Study Panel Debate. A panel of professional luminaries is invited to debate solutions to a managerial dilemma presented by way of a particular case study. These well experienced managers pull back the curtain on the deliberation process to expose best practices they've developed over time. Case studies will be explored over the year. Guests from outside the Leading Women programme may also attend these debate sessions.

Business Improvement Project (BIP): The business improvement project requires delegates to work in cohorts (company specific when possible) to solve a real-life business dilemma in their workplace, applying skills developed in the course. Each delegate is required to select a senior-level accountability partner within their organisation to oversee their progress on the project. An internal panel with operational oversight must also be elected to assess the business improvement plan and champion its implementation within the organisation.

Executive Education Course: Leading Women delegates take part in a customised GIBS Executive Education course focusing on effective and authentic women's leadership.

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