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Managing in today’s complex and ever-changing business environment demands constant investment to ensure that your knowledge, skills and capabilities enable you to advance your career. Your decision to pursue an MBA is one of the most life-changing steps that you can take for your personal and career growth.​

The GIBS MBA journey has been designed to broaden a graduate’s business, country and world view, and to enable them to develop their skills and business acumen to assume a general management role that requires them to lead a division or entire organisation.

Through a potent mix of classroom lectures, case studies, business simulations, company visits and syndicate group projects (working/learning groups within a class context), as well as relevant exposure to the best practices of South African and global leadership, the GIBS MBA gives you a competitive edge in the short-term application of relevant knowledge, which has long-term strategic value for your career.

GIBS offers the following MBA programme formats:

Part-time MBA in General Management (Monday​​ and Wednesday evenings and a full-day Saturday);

Part-time MBA in General Management (Tuesday and Thursday evenings and a full-day Saturday);

Modular block release MBA in General Management (Full-day Thursdays and/or Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays every alternate week);

Long-block modular MBA in General Management (Ten consecutive days every alternate month); and

Full-time MBA in General Management (Five days a week over a three-week cycle).

​Part-time/Short-block (modular) MBA in General Management

GIBS offers students a choice of attending either a part-time or modular block release MBA programme, which enables you to complete your studies in a set time period while continuing to further your career. Both are offered at the GIBS Illovo campus.

The MBA part-time classes are delivered in the evenings, after normal office hours, as well as full day on Saturdays. Students attend classes three times a week.

The modular MBA is delivered through a modular block release basis. Students attend full-day classes in a block release format alternating with periods at work. Study block one is held over a three/four-day period from Thursday/Friday to Sunday and study block two is held over a three-day period from Friday to Sunday​.

Long-block modular MBA in General Management

The long-block modular MBA allows students from outlying areas who cannot be on campus as frequently as is required by our other MBA programmes to attend contact sessions for eight to nine days at a time. The core subjects will be run in long-block format every second month. Between modules students can interact through our online learning platform to stay connected while not on campus.​

Full-time MBA in General Management

The full-time MBA is an attractive and unique MBA offering that resonates with those individuals who are either self-driven, highly motivated and entrepreneurial minded and who are keen to start their own owner-managed business, or the general manager who is looking to gain a deeper and all-rounded understanding of business to become a more effective manager.​​

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