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Course Overview

This two year Master of Management programme is designed to improve students' performance of business management practices in the context of today's highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. The distance learning programme strives to enhance participants' management capabilities such as strategic leadership, business intelligence, risk management and customer relationship management so to position them to successfully advance their careers in their respective fields. This qualification builds on the Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Degree (NQF Level 8) and has two options (Research Based/Dissertation and Coursework Based/Mini-Dissertation). 

Do you have a strong motivation to manage, lead, influence and help people succeed? While a career in management certainly comes with its challenges, it is an exciting field that will offer you excellent renumeration, as well as a certain amount of power, prestige and a sense of personal achievement. If this sounds like the right job for you, then this programme will equip you with the right mind-set, confidence and knowledge to achieve leadership status within your organisation. 

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

Upon successful completion of the Master of Management degree, students should be able to: 

  • Refine their analytical and leadership skills, creativity, emotional intelligence and teamwork abilities. 
  • Improve their ability to identify, collect, present, and disseminate research findings. 
  • Improve their organisation by applying their new knowledge and create a competitive advantage for themselves within the workplace. 
  • Analyse complex issues within or regarding organisations, evaluate alternative solutions, and contribute to the development of responsibilities that businesses have to society, local communities, and the environment. 

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Certification obtained

Master of Management

What jobs will I qualify for?

The Master of Management qualification will enhance students' skills and expertise in a number of careers including: 

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • General Manager
  • Director of Operations 
  • Business Development Manager

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    When do I start?

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    Admission Criteria

    Southern Business School admits only a limited number of students to the Master of Management programme on an annual basis. The minimum entry requirements for this qualification are: 

    • Southern Business School Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Degree or an equivalent qualification with an average mark of 65% (Research-Based Option) and 55% (Coursework-Based Application). 
    • Intensive exposure to the various disciplines of management (at least five subjects) 
    • A minimum of four (4) years work experience
    • Proficiency in English 
    • Computer Literacy 
    • Internet Access 

    How do I apply?

    Students are able to apply online or in-person. At the time of application, students will be required to share: 

    • A certified copy of a South African Identity Document (ID) or equivalent documentation in the case of non-SA citizens 
    • A certified copy of a Grade 12 (Matric) Certificate, National Senior Certificate, or Highest Qualification obtained 

    Payment options

    • Credit Card 
    • Internet Banking Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • Direct Deposit
    • Debit Order

    Detailed course information

    The Master of Management degree is taken via distance learning at Southern Business School. It consists of compulsory subjects and electives. The course outline is as follows: 

    • Business Intelligence 
    • Strategic Leadership 
    • Talent Management 

    • Customer Relationships 
    • Risk Management 
    • Strategic Process Leadership 

    • Select and submit a research topic based on any of the six subjects completed.
    • Attend the compulsory induction session.
    • Commence research in order to submit a proposal and mini-dissertation.

    Completion and submission of mini-dissertation or an article (for possible publication purposes). 
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