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The African continent is flush with remarkable opportunities and daunting challenges. A creative network of individuals and institutions is finding innovative ways to address these challenges and build exciting futures, full of pot​ential, for our communities. We call these people social entrepreneurs. Social changemakers can build capacity, grow the social economy and tackle critical socio-economic issues.

The flagship programme of the GIBS Network for Social Entrepreneurs, the Social Entrepreneurship Programme (SEP), is designed to provide social changemakers and entrepreneurs with the skills, creative thinking and networks needed to tackle the complex social and economic realities of the communities within which they work. This comprehensive, year-long programme will equip you with the business skills needed to start or grow your organisation and maximise your impact.

The Social Entrepreneurship Programme (SEP) is a middle-management training programme, for people who want to make a difference. The course takes excellence in business thinking and applies it to the social development space. SEP blends world-class business expertise with the complexities of social change and is designed for leaders who wish to be more effective managers and visionaries. Classes have a reputation for passionate debate as theories, experience and the diverse worlds of entrepreneurs, NGOs, business and government meet. This programme is subject to the University of Pretoria's accreditation and processes, but is not yet accredited through SAQA. It is pitched at a National Qualifications Level six.

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Gain insight into the complex challenges of social change, financial sustainability and innovation;Develop a deeper understanding of strategy, leadership and governance;Acquire business skills in finance, operations and management; andEnsure practical application of theoretical ideas to your immediate work.

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