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Course Overview

The BA in Live Performance degree offers discipline specialisations in the Performance School. When selecting disciplines from this school, outcomes can include performance in short film productions, television productions, theatre productions or live music performances each of varying scopes according to discipline and outcome brief for learning purposes

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

1st Year: The first year is about discovering your aptitude and inspiration. Students are exposed to two of three disciplines in the Performance School during the course of a semester. The combination of major disciplines is timetable dependent, however students may attend any other first year discipline classes on top of their portfolio disciplines to enjoy the opportunity for additional learning in extra disciplines. This structure allows students to discover their strengths, weaknesses and interests within their chosen schools

2nd Year: The second year is often referred to this year as ‘Boot Camp’ and is essentially about coming to terms with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of your chosen craft. Students will have begun to specialise in a minimum of two disciplines within one school based on what disciplines the student has qualified to progress with from first year. Even though you are taking less disciplines, the intensity and rigour of your learning is taken to the next level.

In first and second year, students will participate in assist programmes for credits where they assist in productions of year groups above their own or outside of AFDA.

3rd Year: The third year is often referred to as ‘the year of the artist’ where students develop their personal artistic expression in their particular discipline of specialisation carried through from second year. Students also begin to understand and deepen their artistic relationships with your network of peers in your year group across all schools. Students will focus on two primary outcomes related to their discipline selection – one per semester: Experimental and Graduation.

Festivals: The Experimental (June) and Graduation (November) Festivals are showcase events of the third year students’ film, theatre or music production outcomes where the ability to engage and entertain intended audiences becomes the ultimate test of the degree.

Outcomes are projects completed as part of their practical assessment aspect of the degree. 
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Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Live Performance 

What jobs will I qualify for?

Production Manager


When do I start?

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Admission Criteria


FIRST YEAR: Just Starting Out
The minimum requirement to enter an AFDA Bachelors degree is a National Senior Certificate (matric) or National Certificate (Vocational) with exemption/admission to bachelor's degree, or equivalent.

OR the student may write an Entrance Exam at AFDA

  • National Senior Certificate (South African Grade 12 / Matric) with endorsement for entry into a Bachelor’s degree.
  • You may enter an AFDA Undergraduate degree if you have successfully completed an AFDA Higher Certificate course.
  • The National Skills Certificate / National Certificate (Vocational) (NCV) on NQF level 4 with 3 fundamental subjects (incl English) above 60% and 4 vocational subjects above 70%.
  • A technical N5 certificate with 4 subjects passed on N5 level incl Maths and English.
  • The ACE School of Tomorrow (Accelerated Christian Education) on an achievement level similar to matric exemption.
  • If you don’t have matric exemption but have passed the first year of an accredited programme on NQF 6 or 7 (first year of a diploma or degree).
  • Should you not have any of the above, you may be able to qualify to complete and pass the AFDA Entrance Exam
  • If you do not have matric exemption, but are 23 years or older, you can apply for exemption to study a degree at AFDA with HESA. 
  • Please contact your nearest AFDA campus to find out more.

SECOND YEAR: Recognised Prior Learning
You need to have completed your first year degree studies at a recognised institution and have a portfolio or evidence of work to motivate your discipline choices. You will also have to have a full interview.

International Students: 

  • A Certified copy of SAQA Certificate of Evaluation of the applicant’s International qualifications is required for acceptance into AFDA programmes
  • International qualifications can take up work and study opportunities in South Africa.
  • International applicants may be required to do the AFDA Entrance Exam in order to be assessed for entry into AFDA’s programmes

How do I apply?

Application Process: 

  1. Enquiry: Request more information 
  2. Apply: Complete the online application to study at AFDA
  3. Acceptance Feedback: Wait up to 10 working days to receive feedback on your application 
  4. Consultation: Visit us for a campus tour on an Open Day or book a *consultation on a weekday [Optional] *Available via skype. 
  5. Register: Once you have received your acceptance letter into your chosen course, pay your registration fee to secure your place to study at AFDA
  6. Enrol: Complete your enrollment during the stipulated Enrolment Window for your chosen course

Application days will be on 24 March & 18 August 2018 (Arrive by 10.am)

Payment options

1st Time Enroling Student Fees: Total R84 750
Returning Student Fee: Total R82 800

All 1st time enroling students will need to pay the International Levy upfront before enrolment. This does not apply to Sub-Sahara African countries.

  1. 100% of Total Fees (fully inclusive of Registration, Enrolment and Course fees) payable upfront during the course-relevant Enrolment window or by 31 January 2018.
  2. Registration and Enrolment fees payable upfront upon or before completing enrolment for the course. Thereafter 50% of the Course fee is payable by or before 31 January 2018, and the remaining 50% of the Course fee is payable by or before 31 March 2018. 
  3. Extended payment plan: 3-9 month credit application subject to credit approval based on NCR regulations. A R1100 (non-refundable) administration fee will be charged on application submission. For further information, please contact the finance department. If the payment deadline is not adhered to the student will be denied access to the campus and learning programme. 

To apply for a refund, follow the refund policy in the Academic Yearbook.

Should you choose not to enrol at AFDA you may formally apply in writing to the AFDA Finance Department on or before FRIDAY 16 FEBRUARY 2018 for a refund of your paid registration fee up to a maximum of R4,000. This application must include a copy of the proof of payment, the full details of the account to where the refund needs to be paid and a confirmation in writing of the Applicant Name and Student Number to which this refund of registration fee applies. Further details may be requested upon application. This application will only be considered if submitted on or before FRIDAY 16 FEBRUARY 2018 for registration fees which were paid in full.

The following fees are not refundable under any circumstances: 
  1. Registration fees; 
  2. Enrolment fees; 
  3. International levies; 
  4. Cancellation of studies after the expiry of: 
  • 21 days from the start of the AFDA academic year for new students. 
  • 7 days from the start of the AFDA academic year for returning students. 

The following fees are refundable in respect of academic fees only: 
  1. 100% If a 1st Time student withdraw on or before twenty-one (21) consecutive days from the first (1st) day of the AFDA academic year (i.e. the 1st day of term 1)
  2. 100% If a returning student withdraw on or before seven (7) consecutive days from the first (1st) day of the AFDA academic year (i.e. the 1st day of term 1). 

Please ensure to furnish a copy of the proof of payment to the relevant campus and department via email and/or hard copy.

 Returning & First Time Student Enrolment Window: 22 January - 27 January 2018 - Applies to BA Undergrad students
Returning & First Time Student Enrolment Window: 29 January - 3 February 2018 - Applies to Post Grad/Honours students

*Note: Any student permitted to enrol after the designated enrolment window will be required to pay a Late Enrolment Fee of R950 upfront upon enrolling.


ABSA Bank, Acc. No.: 4089 173 721 
Branch No.: 632-005, Swift No.: ABSAZAJJ 
Pay Reference: Student No. & Last Name 

28 Bird Street, Central, 6006, 
Port Elizabeth, South Africa 
Tel +27 41 582 1266 | pecampus@afda.co.za 

Detailed course information

Discipline Selection:

AFDA first year students have the choice of selecting the following combinations of schools and disciplines for 1st year.

School Choice: 
  1. Film School (2 semesters)
  2. Film & Television School (1 semester of each)
  3. Film & Performance School (1 semester of each)
  4. Performance & Television School (1 semester of each)

Discipline Choice:

The Film School
offers 12 disciplines in first year. A minimum of 2 disciplines is selected per semester from within the following departments:

  1. Production: Screenwriting, Producing, Directing and Animation Directing*
  2. Image Production: Cinematography, Image Enhancement and Data Management
  3. Screen Design: Production Design (includes stage and theater design) and Costume, Make-up & Styling
  4. Post Production: Editing, Sound Design, Visual Effects and Media Music & Composition*

The Performance School
offers 3 disciplines per year and a compulsory Integrated Voice & Movement subject:

  1. Screen Acting - The stage acting training at AFDA prepares you to work in a professional acting context by providing you with skill and knowledge in order to develop a variety of income strands within the context of stage performing.
  2. Musical Performance* - The music performance training at AFDA provides you with skill and knowledge in order to develop a variety of income strands within the creative and entrepreneurial domains of the music industry. You will learn vocal and physical performance, songwriting, music promotion and artist management. 
  3. Stage Acting - The stage acting training at AFDA prepares you to work in a professional acting context by providing you with skill and knowledge in order to develop a variety of income strands within the context of stage performing.

The Television School
offers 4 compulsory disciplines in first year:

  1. TV Scriptwriting
  2. TV Production
  3. TV Technical
  4. TV Post Production
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Course Provider

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  • international@afda.co.za
  • https://www.afda.co.za/
Phone & Location
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  • 41 Frost Avenue, Auckland Park 2092