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AFDA is an internationally recognized institution that was established in Johannesburg in 1994. It is a fully accredited institution with 20 years experience in the tertiary education landscape. A full member of CILECT an international organization that represents over 170 Film and TV schools and includes USC (LA) and UCLA (LA), TISCH (NY), Columbia (Chicago), La femis (Paris), GVIK (Russia).

Overall Goal:
To develop a relevant educational institution that contributes to African nation building and rewards all stakeholders by providing a stimulating, rigorous and globally integrated learning experience that empowers students with productive innovative skills, enabling graduating learners to grow sustainable creative industries.

The Educational Promise:
To provide students with the conceptual, perceptual and concrete skills that will enable them to originate meaningful narrative concepts and human behaviors that are relevant to target audiences and to truthfully and accurately deliver these narratives through appropriate use of medium and aesthetic form and the employment of resources to accurately and economically produce and sell the completed production

AFDA Educational Objective: 

  1. To provide conceptual, perceptual and concrete skills that will enable students to originate meaningful narrative concepts and to understand why these might be relevant and the impact they may have on target audiences and society in general.
  2. To understand why human behavior and culture are the agent through which narratives are embodied and made emotionally relevant to target audiences.
  3. To understand how their chosen medium of expression can be considered and used to truthfully and accurately produce their narrative.
  4. To understand how aesthetic elements might be used to establish and produce the appropriate form of the world in which the narrative is set.
  5. To understand how to plan and employ resources to economically produce and sell a production to achieve return on investment.

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41 Frost Avenue, Auckland Park 2092 Johannesburg
Tel: +27214487600, +27114828345

Embury Institute for Higher Education (previously known as Embury Institute for Teacher Education) is a fully accredited private higher education institution that focuses on teacher education and development. Embury trains students to become professional and responsible teachers who are equipped with the appropriate skills to teach in any classroom in South Africa.

Our teaching practice model is unique in South Africa. It is common practice for student teachers from other higher education institutions to spend one block period in a school per year, whereas our second- and third- year students alternate between one week in lectures and one week in a school setting for a major part of the year. By structuring things this way, we immerse our students in school-based teaching while also allowing them to return to the lecture room at regular intervals to be guided in reflecting on their experiences in connection with relevant theory. They can then return to their respective schools for another week of teaching practice, equipped with new insights and strategies. This training model ensures that our fourth-year students are well prepared for their six-week teaching practice. It also prepares our students to provide excellence teaching when they graduate - our ultimate goal!

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119 Lilian Ngoyi Road, Morningside, Durban, 4001 Durban 4001
Tel: +27722950176
Fax: 031 303 7391

Pearson Institute of Higher Education, a place where you can pursue your dreams and get real world ready.

Pearson Institute of Higher Education is one of the most renowned institutes of higher education in South Africa. With 12 campuses scattered across the country, we are able to bring an array of accredited programmes to students who are looking to excel in their chosen field and in life.

Our approach to learning combines technology and traditional learning methods with world-class programmes that are taught at modern campuses, giving students everything they need to find employment and thrive in the real world.

Students can study at one of several campuses across the country.

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Brookside Building Cape Town 7708
Tel: +27215326008

Sr. Febe Bruwer obtained her B Cur (cum laude) from the University of Pretoria in 1996. She worked in Unitas Hospital in High Care and ICU until 2000. She completed the postgraduate course in Medicine management and Physical examination at the University of Pretoria, doing practical at Kalafong hospital in 2001. She started a private nursing practice in November of 2001 and have been in private practice ever since.
She obtained a postgraduate certificate in Wound Care at the University of the Free State in 2005. She attended the European Wound Institutes Wound Care course in Hamburg Germany in 2006. She completed the International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Course in 2011 at the University of Stellenboch in conjunction with the University of Toronto (Canada). She currently runs a Wound Care Clinic in Symhurst, Germiston and forms part of a multidisciplinary team at Life Roseacres hospital in Primrose.

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Cnr St Joseph & Castor Roads, 1401, Germiston, South Africa Germiston
Tel: +27118228508, +27833688568

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Ucmas South Africa, 60 Palm Avenue, 60 Palm Avenue Kempton Park, 1620 Kempton Park - Kempton Park, Gauteng Johannesburg
Tel: +27113945102, +27845636795

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kwazulu-natal, newcastle, barry hertzog park Kwazulu-Natal
Tel: +27343183883

“Trekking with you: from where you are, to where you want to be.” (Dr Ileana Dimitriu); As MindTrek LifeCoaching, I can coach you either in person – if you live in the Durban area of South Africa – or by telephone, or Skype. I’m a certified life and team coach with Results Coaching Systems, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and am registered with Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA). Some 20 years ago, I made the transition from Europe to South Africa. I currently live and work in Durban, am married, and have an adult son. I have a PhD and have been a teacher and university lecturer for three decades. Throughout my career, I have also mentored and coached students, their parents, and colleagues on life/ career direction and performance management and, in the case of senior students, on advanced research competencies.; I have also been an intercultural facilitator and researcher, and fully appreciate that words, as much as actions, ensure our success, whether in our personal or professional life. I have published widely in the fields of culture and communication studies, with a focus on intercultural issues.; As a consequence of my career and life experience, I’m sensitive to the challenges of living in structures in transition. I turned to coaching to help facilitate positive change for individuals facing life-changing circumstances in their private and professional lives:; Do you feel lost in the maze of transition?; If this is how you feel, coaching is what you need. You can't stop people and situations from changing, but you can control your response to change. What you can do is take charge of your mental journey - your inner transition - as you navigate external change.; MindTrek LifeCoaching will help you find the path out of the maze of transition.; Coaching will facilitate change through your improved thinking and purposeful action. Coaching will not ask ‘why’, and will not dwell on your past. It is not counselling. Neither is it primarily about giving advice as in mentoring or consultancy. It is not judgmental; it is not moral arbitration.; Through powerful questions and structured sessions, coaching will empower you with tools and skills to support you, or your team at work, to define and achieve your goals. In a process of drawing the answers and solutions from you, its aim is to get you from where you are to where you want to be, by gently guiding you to your own insights. “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.” (Sir John Whitmore); MindTrek LifeCoaching is modelled on the internationally proven and recognised structure of Results Coaching System, which draws on current neuro-scientific findings. Our brains desire certainty, positive thoughts and clear solutions to our concerns in life. Solutions require attainable goals and a structured approach to strategies and actions. Given the pressures of modern life, a persistent question is: How do you achieve a better quality of work/ life balance?; As your coach, I offer you the following structured programmes:; Extended coaching programme; 1-hour weekly sessions over a 1-3 month period. The aim is to identify and achieve 3 significant, but achievable, goals and chart your way forward to success.; During this obligation-free session, either face-to-face or over the phone, you will have the opportunity to find out more about how the coaching process works, and whether you wish to give coaching a chance.; We start by defining and refining your individual goals, or your team’s common purpose. In interaction, we reflect on the gap between best outcomes and your current reality. Through solution-based questions and responses, together, we plan your strategies and actions for change.; Throughout, I shall ‘hold the space’ for you. This gives you, or your team, the space to explore the perceptions, emotions and habits that might be holding you back from success. You will get lots of feedback and encouragement along the way.; This extended programme culminates in a review of what you have achieved in your unique coaching journey.; Dilemma programme; You might have a specific dilemma, or issue, on which you need clarity and decisive action. How to resolve the dilemma? Such dilemma sessions – one 1-hour session a week – might involve two or more interactions between you (or your team) and me, depending on the nature of the particular dilemma or issue.; I can also coach you by phone or Skype. Did you know that telephone coaching is the most widely practised form of coaching in the world? It offers the focus of the one-on-one experience without the nervousness of face-to-face contact. It saves time, travel and is adaptable to your busy schedule.

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Berea, Durban
Tel: +27720141080

A ‘home’ for creative’s at the CUT!

The Department of Design and Studio Art at the Central University of Technology, Free State offers students a unique learning experience with the accredited Diploma in Design and Studio Art. This diploma exposes students to Metal Fabrication, Communication Design, Textile and Styling, Visual Art and Digital Imaging in their first year of study. This technologically advanced diploma then offers students the ability to choose one of these subjects as a major in their second year of study while still being exposed to all the others.

Students are taught in small groups by studio experts and even have individual lecturers as their mentors in their third year of study to assist with projects and day to day planning. The studios and buildings are a place where creative’s can feel at home and students are even allowed to decorate and design their own studio environment (with their choice of paint, coffee, cushions etc.) in their third year of study.

To see the work of students and lecturers and what we are up to, we have a Facebook-page for students and prospective students: Department of Design and Studio Art, CUT.

The Department of Design and Studio art is where creative’s are born!

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1 Park Road, Willows, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa 9301 Bloemfontein 9301
Tel: +27515073393, +27515073184

Open Window Institute (OWI) is an established private higher education institution known for setting the benchmark within the field of visual arts and digital sciences. Founded in 1994 with the focus on providing a unique tertiary platform where practice-led tuition links traditional fine arts with the applied arts. Emphasis placed on being market leaders has always inspired ongoing innovation to curricula, and this is a special consideration of rapidly evolving creative arts industries.

This has ensured that OWI’s product offering is inclusive of disciplines like visual communication, film arts, animation, game design and interaction design. Twenty years of creative excellence in the visual arts have resulted from maintaining high academic standards, ensuring that curricula remain progressive and by developing/fostering close professional contact with local advertising, film production and branding related industries.

Considering the applied nature of our areas of expertise, smaller classes are presented in order to ensure personal student attention at all times. Many of our lecturers in addition to their academic roles are also actively engaged in creative practice as designers, artists, illustrators and photographers. This investment in highly qualified and industry relevant staff serves to direct our students in contemporary work-integrated learning projects. This approach has been proven a success by our high graduate student employment track record.

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John Vorster Drive Ext. East, Southdowns, Irene Pretoria 0169
Tel: +27126489200

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Tel: +27587130612