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LetabaFET College serves the needs of the Limpopo area by providing affordable, lifelong, quality education and training in line with the social and economic needs of the community. We at LetabaFET College understands that South-Africa with its different sectors needs employers and employees with above-average skills and that is why our programmes are intended to directly respond to the priority skills demands of the Limpopo as well as South African economy. Our qualifications are designed to provide both the theory and practical experience related to a particular vocational field. This ensures access to work opportunities in a work environment or sector relevant to the students’ vocational specialisation.

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1 Claude Wheatley Street, Private Bag X4017,Tzaneen, 0850
Tel: +27153075440
Fax: 27 (0)15 3072204

Established in 1999 by Belgian entrepreneurs Jan Rombouts and Enrico Jacobs, Belgium Campus is dedicated to alleviating the educational and unemployment challenges that exist in South Africa.
Belgium Campus grew from the observation that South Africa experiences very high unemployment rates, yet companies find it difficult to source skilled individuals who are equipped to fill the positions they require. One sector which is struggling under these conditions is the ICT sector which does not have enough qualified candidates to fill industry demands. Understanding this dilemma, and realising that traditional institutions of higher learning often produce graduates who are not employable; Belgium Campus devised and implemented pioneering methods to address these issues.

The programmes and curricula at Belgium Campus are constantly evolving, based on the needs of industry, a direct result of our Participative Model of Education and its holistic approach to education in a professional context. This innovative approach focuses on equipping students with the right type of education, fit for the industry. The development of both academic and personal skills guarantees immediate employability for our students in the dynamic world of ICT. Belgium Campus boasts a 100% graduate employment rate. Furthermore, the South African ICT-industry has awarded Belgium Campus R12 million towards bursaries and scholarships in 2013, a testimony to the trust we have earned from the industry.

It is thanks to the quality of our education and progressive views on the industry and society, which has allowed Belgium Campus’s student body to grow steadily from 7 to over 500 since our inception. As part of our commitment to growth, we have exciting plans to develop our facilities to cater for more students, and by 2017 we will boast a student body in excess of 800. The success of our education model has also attracted faculty and staff of the highest calibre and to date, permanently employs more than 80 people.

It’s through our dedication that Belgium Campus has developed into the number 1 institution in South Africa for diplomas and degrees in ICT. We are the only institution that concentrates exclusively on the ICT sector and produces up to 10% of its graduates in South Africa every year. Our qualifications are locally and internationally accredited to the highest academic standards available in South Africa, obtaining the recognition of our international partners, including the Association of the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium).

Our academic programmes equip our students with the desired theoretical and practical knowledge, the soft skills required to interact professionally in the business world, a world class qualification, and the assurance of success when entering the workplace. We mainly accommodate full-time students, but can facilitate programmes for employees, with minimum disruption to work commitments.

As part of our broader views on society and creating positive impact, Belgium Campus has adopted a Christian vision on humanity and society. This ensures an institution with an open climate and the promotion of cooperation between different cultures, races and religions. We place special emphasis on the importance of human dignity and the protection of those who are vulnerable, resulting in an intellectual atmosphere conducive to spiritual development.

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138 Sixth Ave, Heatherdale, Pretoria Gauteng Pretoria
Tel: +27125423114
Fax: 27 (12) 542-1617

The College is situated in the North West Province with the Head Office (Corporate Centre) in the CBD of Klerksdorp. The College consists of 5 campuses namely:

Jouberton Centre for Engineering Studies
Klerksdorp Centre for Business Studies
Matlosana Campus
Potchefstroom Centre for Information, Communication & Technology Studies
Taung Campus

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8 Bram Fischer Street, Klerksdorp, 2571
Tel: +27184067800
Fax: 27 (0) 18 406 7810

The Isa Carstens Academy strives, with integrity, to provide the highest professional standard of education and training to ensure that we develop highly skilled and employable graduates. As a dedicated team, we strive to realise this by:

Serving the best interest of our students’ mental, physical, and intellectual needs so that they may achieve excellence and become employable therapists.
Ensuring that we obtain and develop new knowledge in our field of training.
Maintaining a high ethical code of conduct and setting a professional standard which will instil pride in our students and the Isa Carstens Academy.

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426 King’s Highway, Lynnwood, Pretoria, 0001 Pretoria
Tel: +27123480125
Fax: 27 (0)86 742 2131

The College was established in terms of the Further Education and Training Act, Act No. 98 of 1998 and declared as such by Members of the Executive Council for Education (Gauteng Province) in terms of a Provincial Gazette Extraordinary (dated 7 December 2001).

The College came about as a merger of individual technical colleges that had all existed for about twenty years. These were Benoni, Brakpan, Daveyton (former Isidingo), Springs and Kwa-Thema (former Tlamoha) Technical Colleges. The merger brought together diverse skills and talents, resources and leadership, culminating in a mega force in the Further Education and Training arena

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Sam Ngema Rd. Kwa-Thema Springs, Private Bag X79 Springs 1560
Tel: +27117306600
Fax: 27 (0)11 736 6408

SACAP is inspired by a vision of an empowered society, knitted by confident, self-aware individuals in healthy relationship with self, family and community.

SACAP contributes significantly to the fulfilment of this vision by empowering our students to grow in themselves and to positively impact the lives of others.

In this way SACAP plays a critical and positive role within South African communities and our society at large.

SACAP is at the forefront of higher education in Applied Psychology

Established in the Western Cape in 1997, SACAP now has campuses in both Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as an Online offering for learners within and beyond our South African borders. All of our qualifications have a distinctive blend of robust theory and skills training for practical application in a variety of contexts and settings.

Trained practitioners bring positive individual and communal transformation

They are, however, in short supply relative to the enormous need. South African society is dislocated with enormous untapped potential which is exactly why SACAP is dedicated to the training and development of knowledgable, skilled and ethical practitioners through the provision of leading, accredited, high quality educational programmes and qualifications.

Academically, our educators are acknowledged as leading professionals in their fields of expertise

Students therefore gain from the wealth of experience and skill that our educators are able to bring to the teaching and learning environment.

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1st Floor, 1 Sixty Jan Smuts, 160 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank Johannesburg
Tel: +27860771111

Under the auspices of the National Department of Higher Education (DHET). The DHET was created in 2009, in order to advance the national vision of a coherent, comprehensive and differentiated post-school system. This post school system must contribute to the lives of individuals, the national economy and to the development of an equitable and capable South African society. The DHET will achieve its mandate by effectively planning, regulating, resourcing and co-ordinating the provision of post-school education and vocational training opportunities especially for our country’s youth. The imminent promulgation of the TVET Colleges Amendment Bill brings about a shift of functions related to the administration of TVET Colleges from the provinces to the Minister of Higher Education and Training. This function shift enables the DHET to realise the creation of a coherent post-school system and thereby comprehensively address the skills supply challenges.

The performance of the Colleges in the next five years will be guided by the targets established in the Minister’s Delivery Agreement. The Delivery Agreement is guided by Outcome 5 of the government’s Programme of Action: A skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path. Within this agreement, the Minister has committed to outputs 5. Outputs 2 and 3 are directly relevant to TVET College subsystem.
Output 2: Access to programmes leading to intermediate and higher level learning
Output 3: Access to occupationally directed programmes

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80 Voortrekker Road, BELLVILLE, 7530
Tel: +27860065465
Fax: 27 860278839

RBS has developed a series of programmes that are designed to provide individuals and organisations with the management competencies and critical skills necessary to build and sustain competitive advantages in a rapidly changing and complex business environment. RBS’s expertise has evolved through continuous research and development undertaken in delivering a range of local and international business and management education programmes.

As a specialised education and training provider of management related learning programmes, RBS has the capacity, systems and resources to deliver courses with the flexibility of onsite, offsite as well as web based teaching and learning. It is well known that successful companies make deliberate efforts to ensure that training of staff does not compromise production and business time. RBS delivers courses that are flexible and supported by a range of support facilities i.e. telephone support, face to face lectures, online and web support and virtual classrooms. This places organisations at the forefront of competitiveness having their staff trained and uplifted whilst still maintaining optimal productivity.

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35 Samora Machel (Aliwal Street) Durban, 4001, South Africa Durban
Tel: +27313044626

As a leading provider of Education and Training in mainly the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) band, the College of Cape Town has much to offer students and prospective partners as an alternative to General Education and Training. Our courses lead to recognised, accredited qualifications that are in high demand by commerce and industry.

The College strives to provide high-quality education and training to help you equip yourself with the qualifications and skills you need to start out on a chosen career path.

Our College is situated in the central area of the Peninsula, and serves the greater Cape Town area, including a large percentage of traditionally disadvantaged areas and townships. Although the majority of our students hail from the greater Cape Town metropolitan region, we proudly accept students from all other regions of South Africa, Namibia and other African countries, and many countries abroad.

All campuses have well-equipped workshops, lecture rooms, computer rooms, studios for practical work and well-equipped media centres. Our eight campuses include:
•Athlone Campus
•City Campus
•Crawford Campus
•Gardens Campus
•Guguletu Campus
•Pinelands Campus
•Thornton Campus
•Wynberg Campus

Our Central Office is located in Salt River, Cape Town.
The College of Cape Town also has 3 residences, all conveniently situated in close proximity to the respective campuses. They are:
•City Residence (Ladies only)
•Crawford Residence (Ladies and gents)
•Thornton Residence (ladies and gents)

The Crawford, City and Thornton Campuses boast state of the art Open Learning Centers offering them the latest in technology. Services include a library, computer and internet access, printing, faxing, photocopying and book-binding facilities. We are in the process of extending the initiative to our other campuses and all students can make use of this service at any campus. It is an initiative aimed at improving the quality of education and gives students a leading edge.

Student Support Services are available at all campuses and include services such as student counselling, career guidance, assistance with study skills, and peer education, to name but a few.

The College of Cape Town is committed to serving and educating learners from all communities, offering its learners a holistic learning experience in the vocational discipline of their choice

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334 Albert Road , Salt River
Tel: +27214046700
Fax: 27 21 404 6701

Monash South Africa is entering the most exciting phase since its formation in 2001.

As an institution of higher learning we are committed to contributing to the consolidation of democracy, social justice, and the growth and development of the South African economy and the growth of Africa as a whole. We are dedicated to the nurturing of scholars, who will contribute positively to society by advancing knowledge and paving a way to a better future. Society is changing and Monash South Africa has positioned itself to meet these changes, we are ready to educate and train graduates to work in fields where they will be valued both for their specialised knowledge, and for their ability to research, communicate and solve problems.

Monash South Africa students are recognised internationally because of the skills and training that they receive during their years of study. Our graduates are globally relevant and they make an impact in the different spheres where they serve.

As an institution we have a strong sense of community engagement and commitment that has seen us making a difference in the lives of the people in the surrounding communities. We are committed to helping and shaping a more stronger and literate South Africa. Today’s society is largely driven by knowledge and there is an insatiable demand for new skills. At Monash South Africa we strive to keep our students relevant to the demands of the world and we even go the extra mile by equipping individuals that are already in the workplace by improving their skills through our wide range of short courses that are offered by the Monash Africa Centre.

Studying through Monash South Africa makes you part of the Monash family and a global citizen. We invite you to go through our site and see the exciting things that await you at Monash. Let us partner with you on this exciting journey.

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144 Peter Road , Ruimsig , Johannesburg , South Africa Johannesburg
Tel: +27119504000