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116, clear water rd - lynnwood glen/pretoria
Tel: +27216855021

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university of the free state - vista campus@@@church street@@@. bloemfontein - bloemfontein@@@free state Bloemfontein
Tel: +27515051111

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university of the free state - natural & agricultural sciences@@@biology, nelson mandela avenue@@@. bloemfontein @@@free state Bloemfontein
Tel: +27514012535


A university recognised across the world for excellence in academic achievement and in human reconciliation.


The university will pursue this vision through its mission:
Setting the highest standards for undergraduate and postgraduate education.
Recruiting the best and most diverse students and professors into the university.
Advancing excellence in the scholarship of research, teaching, and public service.
Demonstrating in everyday practice the value of human togetherness and solidarity across social and historical divides.
Advancing social justice by creating multiple opportunities for disadvantaged students to access the university.
Promoting innovation, distinctiveness and leadership in both academic and human pursuits.
Establishing transparent opportunities for lifelong learning for academic and support staff.


The following five core values represent deeply-held commitments that inform every policy and steer every action. These values underpin both the Academic Project and the Human Project of this university.
Superior Scholarship
Human Embrace
Institutional Distinctiveness
Emergent Leadership
Public Service

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University of the Free State P.O. Box 339 Bloemfontein 9300 South Africa Bloemfontein
Tel: +27514019111, +27587185000

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tshedza training technologies@@@bahweta street@@@. middleburg
Tel: +27118730914

Becoming part of the United City College success story & pave your way to a prosperous future with high quality short & long term courses.

For over 5 years, United City College South Africa has been helping thousands of students to reach their dreams by giving them access to quality distance learning courses,short courses and computer courses

United City College courses range from high school certificates to credentials from various professional institutes, as well as wide range of other career development programmes. United City Collage South Africa has a course to meet everyones' needs.

Vision and Mission
United City College offers high quality programmes that are recognized in the business world and provide learners with opportunities to advance their careers.

Career Counselling & Development services
Today’s job market is highly competitive, particularly for young people who are looking for their first job. In this environment, the most valuable asset that a job-seeker can have is a relevant qualification from an acclaimed and respected institution. With over 5 years of experience in preparing students for employment, United City College has an unrivalled reputation as a successful private FET College in Johannesburg.

Students are encouraged to make use of United City Collge ’s free educational counselling service. Students can contact the United City College Call Centre by telephone for referral to a Career Counsellor, or to make a personal appointment. Alternatively, students can e-mail queries to the College. The Career Counsellor can assist students in choosing a career. He or she can also provide additional academic support (such as study skills, tips for writing assignments and pre-exam techniques, life skills, time management, coping with stress, and more), or can simply provide job-searching techniques

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8 kruis street cnr albert street near fire station, johannesburg, gauteng, south africa Johannesburg
Tel: +27113342704

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6245 B Zone 4, Lehana Street Johannesburg 1864
Tel: +27110537439, +27119850032

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100 Main Road, Sea Point Cape Town 8005
Tel: +27214346128, +27610136251

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Tel: +27125655204

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32/37 orange street - cape town
Tel: +27216504161