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Fatima Bhayat Street, RUSTENBURG, 0299 Rustenburg
Tel: +27145927014
Fax: 27 14-592 7013

Marketing is fundamental to the success of any business whether big or small and the IMM GSM plays a major role in promoting the importance of marketing not only as a career, but also as the way to orientate a business.

The mission of the IMM Graduate School of Marketing (IMM GSM) is to continually bestow relevant and quality marketing skills, knowledge and competencies to its learners, thus creating professionally qualified and well-equipped marketers who are fully skilled and able to practise effectively in the business environment. In this manner, IMM GSM graduates will contribute to the overall development of a sound and globally acknowledged economy.


The IMM GSM strives to be the distance-learning provider of choice and the Centre of Excellence for marketing and marketing-related disciplines in southern Africa. In our endeavours to become the touch point for marketing knowledge and information, the IMM GSM will continue to provide all stakeholders with superior and professional customer service and subject matter of the highest academic integrity.

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Atlas Studios ,33 Frost Avenue, Cnr Owl St , Braamfontein Werf Johannesburg
Tel: +27116282000

Camelot international was established in 1986, and has seven branches countrywide. Excellent education standards and facilities provide the prospective student with maximum opportunity to gain knowledge to reach their full potential in health and wellness.

“We believe in a HOLISTIC education where ETHICS , SKILLS, BUSINESS and LEADERSHIP abilities are developed”.

The key to Camelot’s SUCCESS is our Dynamic approach to practical and theoretical education helping learners to achieve their potential… we will assist you in pursuit of Knowledge, Needs & Goals and prepare you for your future career

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No. 7, Corner 7th Street & 11th Ave, Houghton, Johannesburg Johannesburg
Tel: +27118803850

Stenden South Africa is a unique Higher Education Institution in the seaside town of Port Alfred. Established in 2001, we pride ourselves with an impressive track record of top quality higher education. Our pillars of Internationalisation, Problem Based Learning, and Research have positioned us at the top of our game with an impressive list of graduates who are making their way in the industry.

Stenden South Africa is an institution where we take pride in a student centred approach of higher education through unique educational methods such as Problem Based Learning, Case Based Learning, and Real World Learning in our learning companies.

Stenden South Africa is an International Branch Campus of Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Stenden University has a long and diverse history of academic performance. Its teacher training degree programme goes back over 100 years. However, Stenden is anything but an old fashioned University. As the turn of the century was approaching, Stenden (back then operating under the name CHN University) chose to launch a pioneering concept known as 'Grand Tour'. The Grand Tour is an old European custom whereby youngsters were encouraged to travel and see the World before settling themselves in a career. Stenden had the desire to re-invent this concept and incorporate it in the different degree courses it offers. By establishing international campus sites the vision to offer a true international education experience materialized.

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P.O. Box 2821 - Port Alfred 6170
Tel: +27466042200

Open Window Institute (OWI) is an established private higher education institution known for setting the benchmark within the field of visual arts and digital sciences. Founded in 1994 with the focus on providing a unique tertiary platform where practice-led tuition links traditional fine arts with the applied arts. Emphasis placed on being market leaders has always inspired ongoing innovation to curricula, and this is a special consideration of rapidly evolving creative arts industries.

This has ensured that OWI’s product offering is inclusive of disciplines like visual communication, film arts, animation, game design and interaction design. Twenty years of creative excellence in the visual arts have resulted from maintaining high academic standards, ensuring that curricula remain progressive and by developing/fostering close professional contact with local advertising, film production and branding related industries

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John Vorster Drive Ext. East, Southdowns, Irene Pretoria
Tel: +27126489200
Fax: 27 12 665 0253

Under the auspices of the National Department of Higher Education (DHET). The DHET was created in 2009, in order to advance the national vision of a coherent, comprehensive and differentiated post-school system. This post school system must contribute to the lives of individuals, the national economy and to the development of an equitable and capable South African society. The DHET will achieve its mandate by effectively planning, regulating, resourcing and co-ordinating the provision of post-school education and vocational training opportunities especially for our country’s youth. The imminent promulgation of the TVET Colleges Amendment Bill brings about a shift of functions related to the administration of TVET Colleges from the provinces to the Minister of Higher Education and Training. This function shift enables the DHET to realise the creation of a coherent post-school system and thereby comprehensively address the skills supply challenges.

The performance of the Colleges in the next five years will be guided by the targets established in the Minister’s Delivery Agreement. The Delivery Agreement is guided by Outcome 5 of the government’s Programme of Action: A skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path. Within this agreement, the Minister has committed to outputs 5. Outputs 2 and 3 are directly relevant to TVET College subsystem.
Output 2: Access to programmes leading to intermediate and higher level learning
Output 3: Access to occupationally directed programmes

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80 Voortrekker Road, BELLVILLE, 7530
Tel: +27860065465
Fax: 27 860278839

RBS has developed a series of programmes that are designed to provide individuals and organisations with the management competencies and critical skills necessary to build and sustain competitive advantages in a rapidly changing and complex business environment. RBS’s expertise has evolved through continuous research and development undertaken in delivering a range of local and international business and management education programmes.

As a specialised education and training provider of management related learning programmes, RBS has the capacity, systems and resources to deliver courses with the flexibility of onsite, offsite as well as web based teaching and learning. It is well known that successful companies make deliberate efforts to ensure that training of staff does not compromise production and business time. RBS delivers courses that are flexible and supported by a range of support facilities i.e. telephone support, face to face lectures, online and web support and virtual classrooms. This places organisations at the forefront of competitiveness having their staff trained and uplifted whilst still maintaining optimal productivity.

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35 Samora Machel (Aliwal Street) Durban, 4001, South Africa Durban
Tel: +27313044626

Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) is situated on the outskirts of Durban and overlooks the beautiful Indian Ocean. University education is tertiary education that provides students with career oriented skills through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the work place.MUT co-operates closely with commerce and industry to ensure that the curriculum of a particular qualification is completely relevant to the chosen field and that the qualification is market related.Theoretical studies as well as a period of in-service training form part of the programme. Graduates enter the workplace equipped with the essential knowledge, range of abilities and practical experience relevant to their chosen careers.


The qualifications of Mangosuthu University of Technology are recognised by all other Universities of Technology in South Africa and to this end the institution operates on a system of external moderators drawn from other Universities of Technology, Universities and Industry. The standards of Mangosuthu University of Technology are closely monitored by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC).

Core Purpose of MUT

To contribute to the advancement of vocation-based education and training that will enhance the country's skills and competitiveness for the development of humanity. The needs of the community and the RDP are a central focus in all programmes the university undertakes.

Core Values

The university accepts the critical role that social relations play in the success of organisations. It is essential for our future that we adopt and practise a set of shared values that will guide the conduct of everyone in the organisation.
These are our core values:-
•We will act with integrity in all our interactions with others.
•We will strive for excellence in what we do.
•We will seek to create a climate of innovation in the university as a whole.
•In all our actions we will show respect for others.
•We will be prepared to take accountability for our conduct.
•We will support and celebrate the diversity of our community.
•We will seek to promote self-respect.
•We will strive to be at the forefront of technology development and transfer


The key to the university’s success will be the recognition of the legitimacy and value of knowledge created in work settings and the understanding of the drivers of change in the workplace – emerging technologies, social patterns, cultural imperatives, business processes and internationalisation. The teaching and learning model will combine teaching, research, and industry-based learning expertise in the offering of programmes which provide clear professional outcomes for students within a supportive real world learning environment. The University will ensure that it offers and regularly reviews an appropriate curriculum based on current research, and employs an assessment system geared to supporting the learning process and validating the students’ achievements. The university will work towards the introduction of a set of postgraduate programmes aligned with its vision and mission statements.

The University will attempt to ensure proficiency in students in their domain of study as well as in soft skills (such as IT and Communicative English), and will within the limits of its capacity provide support to students by offering scholarships, bursaries and other forms of financial aid.

The University will seek to build a strong national and regional research profile in a discrete number of research areas, with an emphasis on collaborative research with industry, business and government, and will promote interdisciplinary and team research work wherever this is likely to be productive. And the University will strive to disseminate its research expertise and demonstrate and implement the results of its research.

The University will create an open and flexible organisational culture which is committed to quality outcomes and which facilitates knowledge sharing, teamwork, and staff satisfaction and development. Its intellectual energy, progressiveness, authentic commitment to its core values and generous conditions of employment will attract high-calibre, dynamic staff. Members of staff will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills and will be rewarded for their contributions to the achievement of the University’s mission.

The University will relate closely with all of its stakeholders, and will in particular maintain ties with its alumni, to the mutual benefit of the institution and of its past students. And the University will co-operate with other innovative academic institutions to share expertise where possible, especially in the areas of teaching and research.

The University will from time to time review the extent to which it is realising its vision and fulfilling its mission, employing best practice in quality assurance processes to do so. These processes will include the performance of annual first-year experience and exit-year experience surveys.

The University will at regular intervals also review its vision and mission statements and its strategy for implementing and realising them, in the context of the inevitability of change and the need for the institution to make further progress.

Our Core Values

The university accepts the critical role that social relations play in the success of organisations. It is essential for our future that we adopt and practise a set of shared values that will guide the conduct of everyone in the organisation.

These are our core values:-
• We will act with integrity in all our interactions with others.
•We will strive for excellence in what we do.
•We will seek to create a climate of innovation in the university as a whole.
•In all our actions we will show respect for others.
•We will be prepared to take accountability for our conduct.
•We will support and celebrate the diversity of our community.
•We will seek to promote self-respect.
•We will strive to be at the forefront of technology development and transfer

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511 Mangosuthu, Highway, Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal,4031 Umlazi
Tel: +27319077111

Vision The vision of the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) is to build a better society through education and capacity development. Mission Statement FPD’s mission is to catalyse social change through developing people, strengthening systems and providing innovative solutions. Values All of FPD’s activities are based on, and flow from, the following core values, that were developed by FPD staff through a consultative process. Innovation FPD strives to be an innovator in society by challenging the status quo and by actively identifying opportunities to affect positive change with a view of building a better society. This is achieved by aggressively embracing growth opportunities and committing ourselves to producing leadership. Integrity FPD and its staff adhere to moral and ethical principles in all their activities. This is reflected in honest and professional conduct, personal accountability and a commitment to not abuse the resources of the organisation or its sponsors. Most of all, FPD will not compromise its institutional principles for the sake of political expedience. Quality FPD strives to guarantee the excellence of all its products and services. All such services are designed to meet the current needs of its clients. Underlying this commitment to quality is a continuous drive to achieve excellence and develop the systems to reward such achievements. Freedom to Challenge FPD encourages an environment where staff can voice their opinion without fear of victimisation. Constructive critique and creative debate between stakeholders and staff are encouraged. Respect Consideration for the rights of individuals and groups is integral to FPD as an organisation. FPD honours the personal beliefs of its clients, its staff and its service beneficiaries. Service to Society All of FPD’s activities are dedicated to serving the best interest of society. FPD’s focus is underpinned by a strong sense of social responsibility. STRATEGIC DIRECTION The strategic direction for 2016 is focused on developing FPD into an international self-funding university that can compete with world class institutions. This will be achieved by a continuous focus on social entrepreneurship, high quality teaching and learning, research and community engagement. Inherent in this vision is a commitment to social responsibility and ensuring that all activities of the organisation will serve to improve society in the countries where FPD operates. In 2016 FPD will continue to expand online learning products and pilot products aimed at exploring the use of mobile applications to support service delivery improvement. FPD will continue to prioritise creating employment opportunities for young people through undergraduate programmes and programmes that create workplace exposure. FPD will also continue to expand its partnership with the public sector around supporting health systems strengthening via technical assistance, supporting direct service delivery in pursuit of meeting the 90-90-90 targets for HIV care, supporting the development of innovative solutions through think tanks and bringing evidence based approaches to policy development and review. Private sector partnerships will continue to explore innovative models to service delivery, improving skills in the private sector and developing information solutions applicable to this sector. FPD signature initiatives around AIDS and GBV will remain a major focus of the 2016 strategy. The 2016 Strategic Direction will continue efforts to ensure that FPD creates a working environment that will attract and retain people who want to make a difference and who are willing to subscribe to FPD’s vision and values. PHILOSOPHY "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela FPD is committed to being a force for positive change in the communities and countries where we work. - See more at:

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Struland Office Park (East Block) 173 Mary Road The Willows Pretoria 0184 Pretoria
Tel: +27128169000
Fax: 27 (0) 12 807 7165

eta College is a private higher education and training college specialising in qualifications that lead to employment in the sport and fitness industries.

These qualifications are registered on the Higher Education Qualifications Framework (HEQSF) as well as on the Occupational Qualifications Sub Framework. They are benchmarked against the best international standards in sport and fitness, which means that our graduates are well equipped to find employment in South Africa and all over the world.

Students have a range of options, from fitness training courses and coaching science courses to sport management courses. They have the option of any mode of study including full-time contact on campus, which is ideal for school leavers. We also offer mixed-mode study through part-time attendance, which is great for working students. And, for those who can’t get to campus or want to study from home, online learning courses are the perfect solution.

As a specialist higher education and training college, eta College has a unique teaching approach that ensures students are totally immersed in the theory and the practice of their subjects. We balance classroom theory and research with applied practice and authentic work integrated learning.

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WPCC, Ave de Mist, Rondebosch, 7700
Tel: +27861382265