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RBS has developed a series of programmes that are designed to provide individuals and organisations with the management competencies and critical skills necessary to build and sustain competitive advantages in a rapidly changing and complex business environment. RBS’s expertise has evolved through continuous research and development undertaken in delivering a range of local and international business and management education programmes.

As a specialised education and training provider of management related learning programmes, RBS has the capacity, systems and resources to deliver courses with the flexibility of onsite, offsite as well as web based teaching and learning. It is well known that successful companies make deliberate efforts to ensure that training of staff does not compromise production and business time. RBS delivers courses that are flexible and supported by a range of support facilities i.e. telephone support, face to face lectures, online and web support and virtual classrooms. This places organisations at the forefront of competitiveness having their staff trained and uplifted whilst still maintaining optimal productivity.

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35 Samora Machel (Aliwal Street) Durban, 4001, South Africa Durban
Tel: +27313044626

Vision The vision of the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) is to build a better society through education and capacity development. Mission Statement FPD’s mission is to catalyse social change through developing people, strengthening systems and providing innovative solutions. Values All of FPD’s activities are based on, and flow from, the following core values, that were developed by FPD staff through a consultative process. Innovation FPD strives to be an innovator in society by challenging the status quo and by actively identifying opportunities to affect positive change with a view of building a better society. This is achieved by aggressively embracing growth opportunities and committing ourselves to producing leadership. Integrity FPD and its staff adhere to moral and ethical principles in all their activities. This is reflected in honest and professional conduct, personal accountability and a commitment to not abuse the resources of the organisation or its sponsors. Most of all, FPD will not compromise its institutional principles for the sake of political expedience. Quality FPD strives to guarantee the excellence of all its products and services. All such services are designed to meet the current needs of its clients. Underlying this commitment to quality is a continuous drive to achieve excellence and develop the systems to reward such achievements. Freedom to Challenge FPD encourages an environment where staff can voice their opinion without fear of victimisation. Constructive critique and creative debate between stakeholders and staff are encouraged. Respect Consideration for the rights of individuals and groups is integral to FPD as an organisation. FPD honours the personal beliefs of its clients, its staff and its service beneficiaries. Service to Society All of FPD’s activities are dedicated to serving the best interest of society. FPD’s focus is underpinned by a strong sense of social responsibility. STRATEGIC DIRECTION The strategic direction for 2016 is focused on developing FPD into an international self-funding university that can compete with world class institutions. This will be achieved by a continuous focus on social entrepreneurship, high quality teaching and learning, research and community engagement. Inherent in this vision is a commitment to social responsibility and ensuring that all activities of the organisation will serve to improve society in the countries where FPD operates. In 2016 FPD will continue to expand online learning products and pilot products aimed at exploring the use of mobile applications to support service delivery improvement. FPD will continue to prioritise creating employment opportunities for young people through undergraduate programmes and programmes that create workplace exposure. FPD will also continue to expand its partnership with the public sector around supporting health systems strengthening via technical assistance, supporting direct service delivery in pursuit of meeting the 90-90-90 targets for HIV care, supporting the development of innovative solutions through think tanks and bringing evidence based approaches to policy development and review. Private sector partnerships will continue to explore innovative models to service delivery, improving skills in the private sector and developing information solutions applicable to this sector. FPD signature initiatives around AIDS and GBV will remain a major focus of the 2016 strategy. The 2016 Strategic Direction will continue efforts to ensure that FPD creates a working environment that will attract and retain people who want to make a difference and who are willing to subscribe to FPD’s vision and values. PHILOSOPHY "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela FPD is committed to being a force for positive change in the communities and countries where we work. - See more at:

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Struland Office Park (East Block) 173 Mary Road The Willows Pretoria 0184 Pretoria
Tel: +27128169000
Fax: 27 (0) 12 807 7165

At the College* we strive for excellence, quality and creativity in our way of work and believe in the community that we serve. Alongside our strategic partners, we are committed to identify the social and economic needs of the region and strive to fulfil these needs by educating communities in order to gain the necessary skills to become independent corporate citizens that contribute to the growth of our region, our community and our nation as a whole.

Education is something we strongly believe in – our students wouldn’t reach the top if we didn’t. But what sets us apart from other establishments in our field is our absolute dedication to the quality of education being offered.

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Head Office 85 Bird Street, Stellenbosch, 7599 Stellenbosch
Tel: +27218867111
Fax: 27 21 886 8260

Damelin is committed to academic excellence, and is an award-winning brand that has been in existence for over 70 years.

With 17 state of the art campuses ideally positioned in every major hub countrywide, including three in KwaZulu-Natal, nine in Gauteng, two in the Eastern Cape, two in the Western Cape and one in the Free State, the brand has earned its title of market leader for academic innovation in the minds of students and corporate businesses. Damelin specialises in a wide range of innovative and relevant higher and private college (FET institution) qualifications (degrees, diplomas, higher certificates, certificates and short and skills programmes).

Our approach to quality combines the concept of team commitment and a strong focus on each student. It is our goal to provide an educational experience of the highest calibre. In order to enhance our students’ experience, our campuses and sites are ideally positioned for accessibility and convenience. Our face-to-face students study in air-conditioned classrooms, have access to a fully equipped libraries, designated student recreational areas and ample parking. The campuses also feature fully equipped computer labs with internet.

Our staff, our community and our students remain our top priority. It is with this mission that we continue to pioneer a premier brand of distinction.

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Damelin (Pty) Ltd,  57 Underwood Road,  Pinetown,  3610
Tel: +27860532887
Fax: 27 (31) 208 5822

Welcome to the The South African Theological Seminary (SATS) which is a fully accredited and registered, distance education institution, focusing on equipping you for service, right where you are in your local church.
•Bible-based, Christ-centred, Spirit-led
•Credits for prior learning and experience
•Enrol at any time of the year
•Pay as you go

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37 Grosvenor Road , Bryanston, 2191 , South Africa Johannesburg
Tel: +27112344440
Fax: 27 11 234-4445

eta College is a private higher education and training college specialising in qualifications that lead to employment in the sport and fitness industries.

These qualifications are registered on the Higher Education Qualifications Framework (HEQSF) as well as on the Occupational Qualifications Sub Framework. They are benchmarked against the best international standards in sport and fitness, which means that our graduates are well equipped to find employment in South Africa and all over the world.

Students have a range of options, from fitness training courses and coaching science courses to sport management courses. They have the option of any mode of study including full-time contact on campus, which is ideal for school leavers. We also offer mixed-mode study through part-time attendance, which is great for working students. And, for those who can’t get to campus or want to study from home, online learning courses are the perfect solution.

As a specialist higher education and training college, eta College has a unique teaching approach that ensures students are totally immersed in the theory and the practice of their subjects. We balance classroom theory and research with applied practice and authentic work integrated learning.

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WPCC, Ave de Mist, Rondebosch, 7700
Tel: +27861382265

This multi award-winning tertiary education institution has been around for over twenty five years and has acquired the reputation of not just educating students in their chosen career paths but educating them for life. Boston offers over 100 course options, including degrees, diplomas and short courses, making sure there is a career option for almost every student.

Currently there are over 40 tuition centres in South Africa and a student body of over 25000. By taking a more personalised and holistic approach to education and by placing emphasis on the “real world experience”, Boston makes life great for students. Producing well-rounded learners is not just about the emphasis placed on teaching methods and becoming work ready. It’s also about networking and socialising while on campus.

These are the days one will remember for the rest of one’s life and Boston further recognises the need for a happy balance between the demands of academia - and leisure and recreation. And of course, getting you ready for great employment!
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Randburg Sports Complex, Malibongwe Drive, Randburg Johannesburg
Tel: +27117916565

CUT’s Welkom campus is situated 160km northeast of Bloemfontein, and is in the hub of the Free State gold fields with several gold mines a thriving industry in South Africa.

The university is aware of the fact that not everyone has the privilege to study at the main campus on a full-time basis. Therefore, selected learning programmes are offered at CUT’s Welkom Campus.

Welkom campus facilities for students include: a library and information services, student cafeteria, 24-hour computer laboratory, equipped laboratories for programmes offered, a wellness centre supports staff and students with psychological matters, counseling, supplement studies, social services, and a wide range of sport facilities is available. Various student organisations, cultural activities as well as health services are available to advance access to quality education and to support students during their university years.

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1 Mothusi Road, Welkom, 9460, South Africa Johannesburg
Tel: +27579103500

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20 President Brand Street@@@, Westdene, Bloemfontein@@@, 9300 Welkom
Tel: +27579103500

Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) is the foremost higher education institution in the heartland of South Africa, dedicated to quality education and training in science, engineering and technology. CUT has developed into a leading institution able to take its place on the national, as well as international, higher education landscape.

CUT, then still known as the Technikon Free State, opened its doors in 1981 with 285 students enrolled in mainly secretarial, art and design programmes. With the restructuring of the higher education landscape a few years ago, CUT embraced its new status as a university of technology and thus positioned itself to succeed as such. On 26 March 2004 the former Technikon Free State officially exchanged its “technikon” status for a tailor-made identity when its new name was published in the Government Gazette – a name that is a true reflection of what the university stands for: Central University of Technology, Free State.

CUT’s history, from its humble beginnings to the proud institution it is today, is reflected in its buildings. The unoccupied buildings of the Commercial High School in St George Street, leased in 1981, soon became too small and a second building in President Brand Street was occupied. In 1988 the university purchased the former premises of the Eunice Primary School campus of the Bloemfontein College of Education. Before long these were followed by the Main Building (today known as ZR Mahabane Building); the bhpBilliton Building, which houses a large portion of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology; Dirk Coetzee Building, which houses the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences; Prosperitas Auditorium, as well as Boet Troskie Hall; and a modern Library and Information Service. Lapeng Student Centre is a hub of student activity that not only renders a valuable service with regard to the students’ requirements, but also ensures that they enjoy every aspect of student life to the full. This centre is equipped with an amphitheatre as well as a cafeteria where students can socialise.

However, it would be a pity if an institution’s progress could be measured only by its state-of the-art facilities. At CUT, progress and transformation go hand in hand. Within our institutional culture, CUT can also be described in terms of the needs experienced within an African context. CUT boasts a diverse student community that is a true reflection of the demographic composition. The implementation of an employment equity plan also guarantees that the academic and support staff are representative. CUT currently employs 1 582 staff members.

CUT offers a wide range of qualifications in its four faculties, namely Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, and Faculty of Humanities. CUT also commands respect with its relevant research.

From its inception the institution has been aware of its social responsibility towards the broader community.

The university is aware of the fact that not everyone has the privilege to study at the main campus on a full-time basis. Therefore, selected learning programmes are offered at CUT’s Welkom Campus and Kimberley Regional Learning Centre. An exciting development was CUT’s incorporation of Welkom Campus of the former Vista University on 2 January 2004. Learning programmes in Kimberley are offered in conjunction with the Northern Cape Higher Education Institute. Through the utilisation of modern technology, some learning programmes can also be pursued electronically via the internet. In this way CUT is living up to its status and reputation as a university of technology.

In 2011 the institution celebrated its 30th year of technological innovation – soaring to 2020. The milestone is a reflection of the university’s pursuit of quality education and academic excellence. In our efforts to educate, teach and train our students with the aid of world class technology, CUT will also focus on those values it holds dearly; namely customer service, excellence, innovation, integrity and diversity.

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1 Park Road , Westdene , Bloemfontein , 9300 , South Africa Bloemfontein
Tel: +27515073151
Fax: 27 51 507-37342